Instagram slideshow panorama trick

I found a neat way to post panoramas on instagram today by using the multiple photo upload.

This trick requires photoshop because I have yet to find a tool that lets you cut panorama’s in even sizes on the iphone.

For this trick we will use the panorama below.

Depending on the size of your panorama and having to cut it in SQUARE images, you will need to do some calculations. You might need to crop the image to get the right dimensions.

For example purposes I used this panorama, 6790 pixels width. If you divide it by 5 you will get 5 perfect 1358 x 1358 pixel square images.

So cut the photo up in 5 images.

Save them to your camera-roll.

In instagram add a new photo and press the multiphoto button.

Then select 5 photos in the order from LEFT to RIGHT. This is very important.

Don’t do any image editing because it will mess up the seamless panorama.

Add the text and hashtags etc.


Now you have a perfect seamless panorama on your instagram.

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