Japantoday sucks part #623463

Not my first offense btw, but JT moderators are known to be touchy douchebags. This however brings it to a whole new level.

Offensive? Vulgar?

This is just proof that Japantoday has a ridiculously vulgar moderating team. “Shit, fuck, etc” or racists posts are Vulgar. I feel that if especially something bad about Japan is being commented (even if its only minor) BOOM!! byebye comment. They EDIT users comments, which I REALLY think is vulgar. It’s like changing a users voice to fit their regime.

I take huge offense to that as I’m a supporter or free speech and dialogue. If they would let people have more freedom to comment, a lot more interesting discussions would occur on the site and they would even get more visitors, I’m 100% sure of that. Instead they suppress our discussions. Perhaps worried about getting sued?

In the meantime we have to visit this f*cking crap website that gets crappier every day while they are earning a a shitload of money through crap advertisement that ruins the website even more. Thanks to who do they earn that money? That’s right. The users.

They are lucky they are one of the ONLY 2 sites about Japanese news that have a big community in Japan. If they had any competition at all, their site would be like the surface of Mars, void of any lifeform.

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