Netflix Japan

Netflix Japan

Two weeks ago I did it. I made the move. I bought into it. I signed up for


I usually NEVER sign up to ANY of these kind of services. BUT, then I remembered FRISKY.


What do the two have in common?

Well, FRISKY also streams high quality content, so you KNOW it’s worth the money. Netflix is exactly the same. If I were to say, Netflix is trying to copying FRISKY’s concept.

Netflix is currently running a one month free-trial campaign and I thought: “Why the hell not, let’s see if the hype is true.” I tried Hulu a while back too when they had a month free trial campaign but unsubscribed after 30 minutes because of disappointing content.

I knew Netflix would be different as I was already aware of some of their awesome Netflix Originals: “Narco’s, Stranger Things, Ozark, etc.”

Netflix offers 3 subscription tiers. Basic (650 yen), Standard (950 yen) and premium (1450 yen). Basic tier offers only SD material. Their Premium tier offers UHD content but I don’t have a 4K tv, yet I still want to watch everything in HD so naturally I went with the Standard tier.

So I signed up and HOLY KABOOZLE do they have a lot of great mixed content. I love the combination of international content. FINALLY No bullshit with content restriction.

So only two weeks in and here is what I’ve been watching so far:
Altered Carbon

Chef’s Table

Dave Chapelle Stand up


Groundhog Day

I won’t lie!


And this is just the tiny tip of the iceberg of content.

I’ve already added a LOT of stuff to my to-watch list including: “The Punisher, Suberanai Hanashi, Gotham, Orange Is The New Black, various cooking programs, various Japanese variety shows, Wheelman, Better Call Saul and so many many more.

So I seriously recommend everyone to subscribe to FRISKY

….and perhaps also


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