A couple of friskyGems

A couple of friskyGems

Haven’t updated friskyGems in a while and there was SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF lately.

Let’s see.
Halcyon w/ Daraspa – February 2018
Halcyon w/ Daraspa on FRISKY.fm

Daraspa kills it. Each and every fucking time!

Stereo Paradise w/ Tvardovsky – February 2018
Stereo Paradise Tvardovsky on FRISKY.fm

Another artist that just can’t disappoint.

FRISKY Loves Singapore – Satish K – February 2018
FRISKY Loves Singapore on FRISKY.fm

Loved this….

Electric Fiction w/ Daniel Curpen – January 2018
Electric Fiction on FRISKY.fm

and this….

The Alleys Show – We Are All Astronauts – February 2018
The Alleys w/ We Are All Astronauts on FRISKY.fm

and this.

and of course a chill set.
ChillOut Sundays w/ Michael Mc Garrity – February 2018
ChillOut Sundays on FRISKY.fm

There, sets from each friskyStream. That should keep you entertained.

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