Various FREE Maxscripts part 1

Various FREE Maxscripts part 1

To improve the workflow of various tedious and repeating tasks in 3d studio max I made some scripts, either by myself or from parts of scripts that I found online that I took apart and customized for our company’s pipeline. Appropriate credit to the real author is given inside the script. IF you have any issues with missing credits, please contact me for more info.


Hope these may be of help to your pipeline.

How to install:
1. Copy the .bmp files to your C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2012\UI\Icons folder.
2. Copy the .ms or .mcr script to your C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2012\Scripts folder.
3. In 3d studio max go to mainmenu [Maxscript] –> [Run script] and select the script from step 2.
3Dスタジオマックス上、メインメニューの「Maxscript」→ 「スクリプトを起動」 → スクリプトを選択
4. Right-mouse click on a toolbar inside max and select [Customize] OR in the mainmenu go to [Customize] –> [Customize user-interface].
マックス上のツールバーをマウス右クリックして、「カスタマイズ」 → 「カスタマイズ・インターフェース」
5. In the Customize User Interface popup select the TAB [Toolbars]
6. Under the category _papiGiulio you will find the script you want to use
7. Drag it to the toolbar of your choice and press SAVE to save the interface layout.

Please use these maxscripts at your own risk, I am not responsible for any data loss, or anything that could affect your project’s stability, so please save your file before using these scripts. Contact me if you find some bugs or have any questions.
スクリプトを使う際には、必ずユーザーご自身の判断と責任で 利用なさるようにお願いいたします。 バグの発見や質問がございましたら、お気軽にご連絡下さい。

These scripts should work for any version of 3d max up until version 2012. They are not tested for any version above 2012.
下記のスクリプトは3D Max2012年版まで使えるはずだ。2012年版以降のバーションはまだテストされてません。

Name: Material Cleaner Material Cleaner
What it does: Cleans up the material editor by ONLY loading in the materials currently used in the scene. Then assigns the diffuse color as the wire-color of the object and applies the material name to the object name.

Download button (Right-mouse click save-as)

Name:Show Maps in Viewport interface iconShow maps in Viewport
What it does: When clicked, shows all the texture maps in the viewport. Shift-click will hide all textures in viewport. Works only with standard materials.

Download button (Right-mouse click save-as)

Name:QuickUVW interface iconQuick UVW
What it does: When clicked, adds a UV Unwrap modifier to the object, opens the UVW Edit window, selects all meshes and zooms extents for quicker access to uvws. Worked quite fast in max 2009, became a lot slower in max 2012 but still pretty handy.

Download button (Right-mouse click save-as)

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