Yao80 Movie festival

This year I participated in an event called The Yao80 movie festival.

The Yao80 movie festival is an event for anyone interested in making movies. The competition requires people to submit a movie that is EXACTLY 80 seconds.

Why 80 seconds?

First of all, Yao is a small city in South-Osaka. But since it’s quite far from the city center and quite countryside, the mayor wanted to promote the city more. Whats more, 80, if separated in an 8 and a 0 can also be read as Ya and O. Ya means 8 in Japanese. That’s how the name came to be.

The competition had 2 different sections. The Yao-section 八尾部 and the Free-section フリー部。 The only difference was that to apply for the Yao-section, you HAD to shoot your footage in Yao and/or at least incorporate something from Yao. For the free-section, you were free to do what and whereever.

I had chosen for the free-section, which gave me more freedom

I used 2 days for shooting. 8 hours in total. This included driving from location to location. Editing was about 10 hours. I can’t really tell because it was 30 minutes here, 1 hour there. All in all, it went relatively quick.

A young boy loves airplanes. He often goes to the airport to watch the airplanes take off and land. But the airplanes are quite far away, so he needs something to have a better look. He needs binoculars.

girl: Iwashita Emi
boy: (Hidden due to privacy reasons)
camera: Giuliano Garau, (Hidden due to privacy reasons)
story: Giuliano Garau
studio: Kamemura
director: Giuliano Garau
assistant: Kamemura
music: Michikawa

The video won the Yao80 Free-section Grandprix 2017

On Saturday October 28, I received an email. Binoculars was nominated for the grandprix of the Free-section. My video was among 16 nominees. 8 for the yao-group and 8 for the free-group.

That was really great news.

The result of the competition were on Saturday 18 November. The reason why I post this late is that they want to publish the result at their timing.

They had arranged the event in the middle of a shopping-mall. Then moved the audience to the theater where they would show all entrees and then have the public vote for the best video’s. The announcement would then be made again on the stage in the shopping-mall.

First they announced the winner of the Yao-section. It was the great movie [Drive Yao!]. Then they announced the winner of the best actor/actress award which went to 「こころをテーブルにのせて」which translates to “Put the heart on the table”, which starred the cute Yuu Yamamoto.

Next up was the announcement for the grandprix for Free-section:

“Entry number 2….


by Director Giuliano Garau”….

Shocked! Surprised! Mixed feelings of shock, nervousness, anxiety and happiness. Couldn’t believe it. I actually won a prize at a movie festival.


Team, minus the kid actor.

All winners lined up:

A future prospect: 土居 佑香!

And finally the award at home.

Thanks to EVERYONE who voted and supported this movie and especially my crew.

Here is to the next one.

And now…here it is online….the actual video, BINOCULARS. Hope you will enjoy it.

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