Learn Japanese in 3D – Japanese Classroom

My second 3d model for the Learn in Japanese 3D project. This time a Japanese Classroom.

“Authentic Japanese Classroom”. (kyoushitsu)

It was a little bit harder than I thought to find out what makes a typical Japanese classroom.

Compared to classrooms back home the obvious part was the sliding doors. Very aparent in Japanese tv-shows, movies or mangas.

Other than that it’s a few small things like the teachers platform and lectern in the front or the lockers/boxes in the back of the classroom. The rest I will leave up to you for exploring.

Not too happy with this model. Way too heavy and still too empty. But I hope someone can use this to learn a Japanese word or 2.

ps: I’ve added some tiny easter eggs here and there.

Audio by Zk En!

Words used in this model:
(Teacher’s) Platform and lectern
The platform is called a 教壇 きょうだん (kyoudan) and the Lectern is called a 教卓 きょうたく (kyoutaku) in Japanese.

Blackboard (chalkboard)
This is called a 黒板 こくばん (kokuban) in Japanese.

Geographical Globe
This is called a 地球儀 ちきゅうぎ (chikyuugi) in Japanese.

Large triangular ruler
This is called a 大三角定規 だいさんかくじょうぎ (daisankakujyougi) in Japanese.

Blackboard Eraser
This is called a 黒板消し こくばんけし (kokubankeshi) in Japanese.

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