Learn Japanese in 3D – Japanese Style room

My first 3d model with the added purpose of helping people learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji. I think I will do more of these in the future.

This model was quite a challenge. Initially I made a texture baked version but that didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. So I’m currently just uploading a plain version.
Anyway I present the “Authentic Japanese Style room (Washitsu) – Learn Japanese in 3D version”.

I had this concept a long time ago, but finally with help of my dear colleague Thuy Nguyen I could create this project.

For the people who are trying to learn Japanese, this model might be of some help.

Words used in this model:
Hanging Scroll
This is called a 掛け軸 かけじく(kakejiku) in Japanese.

Tatami mat
This is called 畳 たたみ (tatami) in Japanese.

Papered sliding door
This is called 襖 ふすま (fusuma) in Japanese. (Used to partition off rooms in a Japanese house

Paper sliding door
This is called 障子 しょうじ (shouji) in Japanese.

Garden Lantern
This is called 灯籠 とうろう (tourou) in Japanese.

Concept: Giuliano
Modeling: Thuy Nguyen & Giuliano

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