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The human brain.


We all know, can do fascinating things. Besides being the control room for the central nervous system it can also change how you perceive sound and time.Lauren elaborated it very well in her article about time and space perception when it involves listening to music.

Today I want to follow up on that and elaborate which FRISKY set would be suitable for which activity or situation.

I’ve been working at FRISKY for more than 16 years now so I’ve “seen” A LOT of shows come and go. Last year we launched the DEEP channel and our content grew by more than 150%.

That’s. A. Lot. Of. Shows.

FRISKY also released apps for both iOS and Android with which you can listen to music OFFLINE, anywhere, anytime. While studying, at the gym, riding a bike (please check your local laws) or even on an airplane.

With THAT many shows and with the offline listening ability, it’s quite hard to choose the right music for the right situation. So here are my personal suggestions for mixes that will fit in different scenarios.

This week I will handle the



So, let’s start with…


Without going into details about how the brain works (I wouldn’t be able to), research shows that for studying you need to avoid background noise and that listening to music improves your concentration and causes the release of dopamine. The picks below are what I consider good for concentrating and studying.

Voyager w/ Deepsense

Resonance w/ Juliane Wolf

Inception w/ Marcelo Vasami


Work has to be split up in Passive (desk work) and Active (work where you are moving around a lot). Starting with passive work which requires a little more concentration, especially with repetitive tasks you will need some solid tunes.

Floorjam w/ Nick Muir

Radio Therapy w/ Dave Seaman

Flux w/ Luke Warren


And for active work:

Juicebox w/ Praveen Achary

Slow Motion w/ Ozgur Ozkan

Rogue w/ Amber


BOOM! Workout music. You will need music that gives you adrenaline and make you able to pump those extra kilo’s (pounds for Americans).

Synchronicity w/ Bee

Blue Monday w/ Kevin Shiu

RPO Records Session w/ RickPierOneill


These 2 activities fall in the same category. Continuous forward movement and endurance.

Voice of Nature w/ Yuriy From Russia

Labyrinth w/ Coskun Simsek

Global Mission w/ Subandrio


Who doesn’t love it. We all wanna get jiggy. For couples who want to get it on, what is the best music to get you- and keep you- going?

Allure w/ Niki Sadeki

So that’s my list. Let me know if it works for you as well or if you need other shows for different situations.

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